At Oasis, we believe our children are the future & deserve the best - that's why we have fun learning about our Creator & offer the best available programmes.

Our team are committed to help develop the lives & potential of the children we look after by creating an exciting, fun environment for them to enjoy!

  • powerhouse

    PowerHouse is for ages reception to yr 6.

    They meet after the worship-time during our Sunday Morning Celebration - it's a programme jam-packed full of wild games, colourful crafts, noisy songs & also times for the children to hear God for themselves...learning & growing in God is our aim!

  • sparklers

    Sparklers also meet on a Sunday morning during the service, with a fun and engaging time for ages 2 to nursery age.

  • safeguarding

    Oasis Christian Centre is committed to following and taking seriously Safeguarding and support our teams who serve the local community. For further information on our Safeguarding policy please feel free to contact us.